Hooroo Holden!

The news of Holden shutting up shop in Australia by the end of 2020 has travelled quickly and many will have a lot to say about the decision.

An iconic brand that has lasted years, many will remember the Kingswood, Torana, Monaro, Commodore, and the list goes on. What happened to Holden in Australia? There were some definite key defining moments for Holden, the one worthy of mentioning is they missed the bandwagon of the SUV boom in Australia. While Holden continued to make sedans, Australians were loving their SUVs and the versatility the vehicle offered. The comfortable ride, getting in and out was easier, and the most important the view of sitting up higher than the rest of the traffic. Holden was 10 years too late with the launch of the Captiva.

The impact of Holden leaving Australia will be felt not only on our shores, but overseas as well. The 600 job losses and impact of manufacturing for overseas as well.

This seems to be the direction to exit the business from the Asia and Oceania market, where the announcement was made on the same day that the sales of Chevrolet in Thailand will conclude at end of 2020. The GM plant in Thailand will be sold to Great Wall Motor, Chinese Auto OEM, who aims to establish the footprint in South East Asia.

In 2018, GM sold the entire retail network and manufacturing facility in Vietnam to the Vietnamese Why has it come to this? Australians are spoilt for choice, with so many brands to choose from and the competition in the Australian Market is stronger than ever. While Japanese and Korean brands, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai are still doing well, new Chinese brands are hot on their heels.

The automotive industry in Australia needs to evolve. While the product advances and new technologies are implemented in new vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles etc, the industry itself has not come leaps and bounds. In particular now that warranty periods are extending up to 7 years, soon they will go to 10 years. However, the way we serve customers hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. Technology has played a part and assisted in streamlining, however as competition ramps up, it makes the industry nervous on how they can remain profitable while having to offer more to customers.

The automotive industry in need for assistance and at Differential Asia Oceania we have helped many to become efficient and profitable with our patented products. Please feel free to reach out to our Australian Director – Loi Truong, email – loi.truong@differential.com.sg, Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/loitruong

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