Through its Customer Aligned Product Engineering (CAPE) solution, Differential offers a comprehensive suite of products to enable effective integration of Voice-of-Customer (VoC) across different stages of product development.

Differential CAPE Solution: Key Modules

1. NVQT: New Vehicle Quality Tracking

Timely consumer information regarding perceived vehicle quality, organized in an easy-to-use manner enables manufacturers to react quickly to quality problems. NVQT provides a comprehensive model for measurement, investigation and improvement of new vehicles quality. The program is designed to track and accurately monitor consistency of production and the effectiveness of counter measures that have been implemented.

2. PRISM: Product & Pricing Stochastic Model

Structured understanding of trade-offs made by customers during vehicle purchase process provides range of insights to the OEM during product planning phase – allowing them to align product features, variants and pricing with market expectations..

Differential uses Polyhedral Interpoint Adaptive Algorithm to simulate a realistic purchase situation for the customers – making the responses relevant and allowing for understanding of individual customer’s purchase behavior.

PRISM helps OEMs on the following areas:

  1. Shopping funnel behavior (brand consideration, cross-shopping behavior, etc.)
  2. Price – volume curves & associated price elasticity
  3. Optimal feature contenting & variant strategy
  4. Competition impact scenarios

3. Product Evaluations

During the product development phase, getting an independent view on potential likes or dislikes from customer perspective allows OEMs to pre-empt quality concerns and address those in a timely manner during product development process.

Differential Product Evaluations provide an Expert led review and guidance mechanism which helps OEMs during product development phase in getting structured inputs on Product Execution, Styling, Ergonomics and Perceived Quality.

4. Launch Assuredness

New product launch is a great opportunity to create positive market impact. Therefore, the launch process needs to be managed carefully in order to ensure strong positive momentum is achieved for the brand and the model.

In majority of the Asian markets – poor word of mouth emanating from initial customer interactions, perceived quality challenges, supply constraints, etc. can significantly impact sales momentum.

Differential Launch Assuredness program utilizes a proprietary methodology to provide  timely and critical feedback on the following:

  1. Dealer Readiness: mystery shopping & in-dealer check driven approach to assess operational readiness of a dealership & its staff in managing new product launch.
  2. Customer Experience: customer community led comprehensive feedback mechanism to understand customer experience across:
    1. Purchase process (pre-sales, sales, post-sales, pricing/deal, first free service)
    2. Product Ownership (Performance, U&A, variants / features, Initial quality)