Automotive retail in the Asian markets is undergoing a rapid transformation in-order to stay abreast with fast changing customer requirements. This has pushed OEM retail networks and Channel Partners to re-imagine Automotive Retail to stay relevant and achieve sustainable profitably.

At Differential we understand automotive retail. Over the years, we have worked across markets and segments and understand the varied level of maturity in processes, manpower, organization & technology. Whether your business is automotive, construction- or agricultural equipment, we help you achieve significant competitive advantage through retail excellence.

Key areas where we engage with OEMs :

Dealer Performance Assessment & Guidance Program

Differential leverages a strong network of retail experts and suite of technology tools to support automotive retail organizations in aligning retail processes at dealerships to changing customer expectations. We support our clients in process definition, process execution, digitization of critical operations and leverage under-tapped revenue opportunities (e.g. Body & Paint, accessories, used car, etc.).

Dealer Cost Optimization Program

With strong market pressures faced by automotive dealers today – active cost management has become essential for survival. Differential, using its proprietary framework, assists dealerships in optimizing critical cost elements (e.g. manpower) while striking a balance between sustained profitability & continuous growth.