Differential is a leading boutique in Asia Pacific specialized in measuring, modeling and indexing Voice-of-Customer (VoC) across product quality and retail experience. Capabilities include qualitative and quantitative research across multiple online, mobile and offline methodologies covering customer experience, product quality, employee engagement and market insights.

CX: Measurement

Besides traditional research, we offer a global suite of products including a state-of-the-art Customer Experience Management Platform that enables instant customer feedback triggered by real-time customer interactions. This CX platform allows for continuous and timely VoC capture across all customer touchpoints. Further the platform includes a closed loop escalation mechanism that empowers our clients to achieve the next level of customer centricity.

LEAP: Action Planning

Our unique and proprietary LEAP Action Planning module gives our clients full transparency and accountability on the countermeasures and activities initiated by various stakeholders across the organization. Our Action Planning module has helped our clients to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of their continuous improvement initiatives.